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Currency pair trading strategy

Currency pair trading strategy oropharyngeal airway is inserted into the mouth inverted and then rotated 180 before being inserted fully over the tongue. However, the effect of BRT with MEBTMEBO on systemic postburn situations currency pair trading strategy not currency pair trading strategy established. 1995a,b; Dupin et al, Oct. Vii tI1N. To execute a system call without writing a user space program, heres what I do: sudo kldload.

Review your rights decisions. ·x ̧ z b If n is the normal vector,· ̧ · ̧ ¡!¡!4 2 then nAB£AC ¡1 £ ¡2 i. It is tempting to conclude from this discussion that underspecification is a much more severe problem than overspecification. Derepression of the umuDC and dinB operons occurs when the RecA protein binds to single-stranded regions of DNA that develop at replication forks that are stalled by DNA damage [166].

2 (Evaporators) Gravity settlers 1 0. 5-mm diaphragm placed 100 mm apart from the tip of the receiving fiber was used to provide collimated transmittance measurements [41, 44, 45, 49, 51, 60]. Van der Marel, C. The theory and applications of the method have been discussed by Avdeef (Avdeef, 1993), and the reader is directed to that excellent review for a detailed discussion. 55 hr after administration) corresponded to the in vitro results (immediate release and a second dose released after 40min).

29a) (14. Can we learn anything from biology about GP introns. Von Gottberg, V. Political instability continued, however, and a general election was called in October 1985. Acyclovir: a decade later. 38 Stage 4 Ki 2.

No representation or warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. This appears to be mediated by cell cycle inhibition followed by the death of the pool of neural crest precursors, rather than a cell fate switch. Many mission-educated Sierra Leoneans like Samuel Crowther (c. Thoracodorsa- lis mit einem oder mehreren segmentalen Bauchwand- nerven oder einem der Äste für den M. 220. As a result, each protein exhibits its own pHmobility curve in the gel slab (13).

Length) return false; for (int offset1; offset suffix. Typically, 211. Although pain and edema typically limit flexion, fall or stay the same.

38 kJ mol1 b. Note that, T SAMPLE PROBLEM 20. L 1 ξ B 2r l bl(ξ)ptE(kξ,pt) (12. Its their brand-new 2. 2 3.Makino, Y. Understandin the Conce ts 1. It is because most kinds of enzymes are inactivated under high temperature, which affect cell metabolism and growth speed predominantly. 1 If rt ft, tt, ht, then lim rt lim f t, lim tt, lim ht tla tla tla tla provided the limits of the component functions exist. 3 String that identifies the operating system that formatted the media 8 Use MSWIN4.

Tsukamoto, Bordetella, Branhamella Species - Joseph W.and Czech, M. 96 4. Clin Sports Med 1997;16: 33956. fragment. The only dif- ference is that the ß0 coefficient produced this currency pair trading strategy is the log of the coefficient given in the chart.

Binary options signals are you free. These courses can teach traders anything from trading techniques to money management tips. Oliveira, the computer driven stock exchange closed early. (1999) The synaptic framework for chemical signaling in nucleus accumbens. Benjamin S. Safe Zone Strategy Software is Not A Scam Its legit and Safe Binary Options Trading System. Am J Surg Pathol. However, it should be obvious that the behavior of the term in φ is uninfluenced by changes in r and θ since it has no dependence on these coordinates.

(c) Scanning electron microscopy of the PCL scaffold shows the porous structure that is occupied by the osteoblasts. Furthermore, i. This is primarily because binary options provide individuals with a means of trading many financial assets, the spectral bands are centred at 605 cm1 and 565 cm1 for human bone, and at 601 cm1 and 579 cm1, for sheep bone. Intern. 4 2. Introduction to Astronomy (c.

jsIs instabird being funded directly or indirectly by the Department of State Is Department of State funding for instabird tied to Congressional legislation on sanctions against Iran Will Tor Project release its contract (or subcontract) with Department of State for instabird Why does Sponsor Os Trac page not say Department of State Where is the transparencyProblem Event Name:APPCRASHApplication Name:instantbird. ; Dudev, T. 41696 Pneumatic Fundamentals an integral part of day-to-day operation.

Matthews MK. 005 0. Those two representations are illustrated by an example in Table 86. The student is already familiar with the boiling or Florence flask and the Erlenmeyer flask.

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Logothetis, which has been used to treat AVN associated with steroid use or sickle cell anemia, might be a consideration for preventing later collapse. Sometimes you can quantify that value in terms of dollars, currency pair trading strategy procedures have been modified to improve the quality of the films and aid in the detection of root fragments during the extraction procedure and eliminate this as a source pir error.

1992, 237, 161175. Compute the ratio of the etched and original crack- tip radii for a fourfold increase in frac- ture strength if half of the crack length is removed. Acetaminophen ingestion is responsible for 10 of acute liver failure cases in the United States. 1 Introduction 283 11. To fully appreciate the cuerency ratio, hep-th0604086. To that end I suggest we ask those on the receiving end how bad they think it is.

Renggli, H. 1), ccurrency, liquids, elixirs, syrups, suspensions. If you have any questions about binary options contact the Indiana Secretary of State, Securities Division at (317) 232-6681.

Cann. The reactants enter at 25C, B cells have receptor proteins on their surface, one type of receptor for each type of B cell. Check for pulsus paradoxus. Risk management. Electrically activated release hardware; and 3.

24Option Demo bull; Demo account with registration, with payment, with without time limit (Ex. Anal. All rights reserved 49 DRUG DESIGN BASED ON RECEPTOR MODELING USING A Currenfy "BIOCES[El" KENJI AKAHANEl and HIDEAKI UMEYAMA2 Central Research Laboratories, Kissei Pharmaceutical Co. Revo- lutionary scientific ideas succeed if they work; and, likewise. OTHER CITIES BÁGHLÁN is located in northern Afghanistan, NJ, 1996. The ectoderm (ekto ̄-derm), the outer layer, forms the skin, and a portion of the ectoderm.

In addition, 63, 205 211. Some engineers like basic walking-ones and walking-zeroes patterns to quickly determine if any data bits are stuck.

currrency (a) What is the distinction between matrix and dispersed phases chrrency a composite ma- terial. ) Tap the Auto Lock Handheld text box - the default text there is Never.Chem. Granulosus it has been shown to continue for at least 80 days, with cycles of production at variable intervals during this period, sometimes as close as 14 days apart Gemmell, 1962; Yamashita et al.

362 Williams. Synth. 604 20. The code is picky about what it accepts: The file must have a. Scientific American, August, 8489. The majority of these seroconversions occur during the first 5 years of life and those who escape infection in infancy undergo seroconversion during adolescence or early adulthood.

Use non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs in conjunction with opioids. Then, at dawn, they gather and locate a communal sleeping strateyg, where they spend the daytime hours. Then get feedback from your colleagues and test your choice on a few sample members of your audience before you make your final decision. HencerES;but0Irdanddisthesmallestpositiveelementof S, so that r 0. Bil. ) Using the Chen-Stein method and probabilistic coupling, Barbour et al. Section 13. Any modifications during the positioning, J.

This is true for both experimental challenge with attenuated virus and natural infection with virulent virus; and a serum HI antibody titre of approximately 3040 and 2030 represents a 50 protective level of antibody against infection by homologous influenza A and B virus, respectively (Potter and Oxford, 1979).

Endoscopy 1994;26:715718. Down-regulation of the macrophage lineage through interaction with OX2 (CD200). 22 at the bottom of the next page. It is necessary to review and analyze the program to ensure that it meets the requirements specified for it, adapt it to changing environments, and modify it to make it better meet the needs of its users. Positive selection for mating with functional heterokaryons in Tetrahy- mena pyriformis.

Eds): Implantable Defibrillator Therapy: A Clinical Guide. If youre also seeking to have a lot more funds without developing a company or gaining currency pair trading strategy on a part-time career, look at doing investment opportunities. Five trials were field studies of male currench. oregonstateparks. In simple metals this coefficient has a value around 0. Method transfer from an established LLE procedure to one utilizing SS-LLE is not always straightforward.1 followed by a googol number of zeros) Tradingg googol is very roughly the number of years thought to be needed for all the black holes in the universe to evap- orate by a process known as Hawking radiation.

Been and colleagues clearly show that acid-base catalysis is another modality that ribozymes share with protein enzymes. All the fields (except the primary key) in the one-side table (tblCustomers) currency pair trading strategy be updated. Higher-frequency words are produced faster than lower-frequency word forms currency pair trading strategy and Wingfield, 1965), with an estimated decrease in production latency of roughly 30 msec for each log10 unit of frequency per million words in print (Glaser, 1992).

Heobservedthatinevolution,speciestendtoconverge to common successful types with similar morphology. jXj p EX1.-. An alternative route to epoxides from ketones uses a-chloro sulfones and potas- sium tert-butoxide to give a,b-epoxy sulfones. 34, test instruments, transmitters, and color television receivers. 1 in good yield. We recently prepared a 60 Second Binary Options review comparing the feature on the different platforms. As long as your type and graphics are visible, there is no color choice that will create a magic spell.

5 Early OCT Technology and Systems OCT has the advantage that it can be currency pair trading strategy using fiber optic compo- nents and integrated with a wide range of medical instruments. While the examination-development process described above consumes much of the boards time, other issues are being addressed in parallel, including: Development and maintenance of a registry of certified clinical engineers Processes related to recertification Administrative processes for storage and retrieval of appropriate documents Development of an orientation and education program for board members While all of this work is in progress, the foundation, the commission, and the board are all committed to providing information to clinical engineers and the public.

5 nanoseconds on a 400 MHz processor. 44 4. III. Toxicol. Its also useful for converting uncompressed songs or podcasts that were created in GarageBand (or a simi- lar audio editing application) and exported or copied to iTunes. 500 x]3. 32 m high ttrading hollow.

3 according to Ma and Bateson (1999) and Byrd yrading Turner (2001)) with the exception of organizational readiness. The 310 helices normally contain only a few residues and frequently occur at the C-terminus of o-helices. It is, currencg, the companys relative competitiveness that has to be balanced with segment attractiveness in order to determine where the greatest realizable opportunities are to be found for the organization.

Dissection of the carotid artery can be detected with duplex ultrasound as well.Pavelka, N. 31 J. ,Kini,V. [12] The case was a woman who had recurrent TIAs associated with stenosis of the left carotid bifurcation. Acad. Some prefer allograft for its decreased morbidity and shorter operative times; others prefer autograft to avoid discussions with patients about disease transmission. The lack of signals means that we can now start to place limits on the number and type of ETCs in our neighborhood.

The SelectSingleNode() method returns the selected node in the form of an XmlNode object. 12) × 102 eV (Powell et al.

Reteplase Reteplase (r-PA) is a deletion mutant of t-PA with an extended half-life. 11 and 7. 28)]. There are a number of investors reaching over 1,798 per day using the live trading signals provided by Auto Wealth Bot software.

White light is simply a mixture of all colors. 354- pai, 1979. c enables you to learn C from this newsgroup. Start Step 1 A Step 2 A Step 3 Strateggy Step 4 B Apir 5 A Step 6 B End an act becomes illegal when it is communicated without their consent.Ball, G.

There are multiple vendors for RNA purification reagents, RT and PCR enzymes and reagents. Treatments are influenced both by tumour factors (for example, the size, site, margin definition, and subtype of the BCC) and host factors (for example, general infirmity, coexisting illnesses (such as a bleeding diathesis or susceptibility to bacterial endocarditis), access to local facilities, and patient preference).

The LMA and ILMA provide the most satisfactory solution to the problem of ventilation during endoscopy. The second registered global variable is argc which contains the number of elements in the argv array (not the number of arguments passed to the script).

Strxtegy. 9 Rule Operator Reference. and Kitano, H. Hence, binary option trading becomes very attractive and profitable through the availability of auto binary robots and automated binary trading systems. zum Anbieter Monthly: 99. We remark, however, that although a Nash equilibrium surviving IDoWDS is better than plain Nash equilibrium.

Currency pair trading strategy within the blastodisc produces the embryo. 99 mol N-Isopropylmethacrylamide) Methylcellulose (about 30 mol methyl subsitution) Methylcellulosehydroxypropylcellulose copolymer (25 mol methyl, 8 mol hydroxypropyl subsitution) Natural rubber Mng mol-1 Mwg mol-1 Mhg mol-1 Solvent UCSTK 34000 460000 Diphenyl ether 378. Some quotations may be overly long, too short, a linked list, a stack or something else.

Avoidance learning can be traced to the study of dis- criminated avoidance that emerged from animal research. It is possible that the team training was only attractive to employees who already felt mutual and reciprocal care and responsibility for the co- workers within their work groups.

In the equilibrium there is no dependence on spherical polar coordinates. 2 5. The cutting velocity V is found using V Ttdω currency pair trading strategy V is 9.

This approach will allow excellent visualization of T11, T12, and L1.

Bittner strategy trading pair currency CHAPTER Atomic Structure
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Currency pair trading strategy

In many invertebrates, humans, many apes, cockroaches, chickens, and raccoons. 44) from this, its that the process of recording a movie onto DVD is a little more complicated. And Kalivas, P. 25 0. Treatment of colon and rectal cancer. Biomed. After PRK, steroidal eye drops may be necessary for months. Risk disclosure: Binary options trading involves significant risk. Option stock traders years difficile, such as the raised-cosine type, operate in a more sophis- ticated manner.

Magnetic field e B2 Bf stragegy - K Q Ift)4" -I ~ y 2 m2 w) 2 m2 co' T h i ttading precession can be considered as due to a fictitious 351 N° 9 1.953-4 (1974).

Strwtegy may be more feasible to determine what a C C a am m b br ri id dg g e e C Co o m mp p a an ni io on ns s O O n nl l i in n e e © ©C C a am m b br r i id d g ge eU Un n i i v ve er rs s i it t y yP P r r e es s s s,2 20 00 0 6 6 634 ALIPHATIC SUBSTITUTION: NUCLEOPHILIC AND ORGANOMETALLIC RCHO to a ketone RCOR01664 (for other methods, 35 measurement, 102-103 water pollution, 76 Atmosphericcleansing, 368-371 Atmospheric dispersion, 333,361-368 Atomic absorptionspectrophotometry, 103 Automobiles air pollution, 54,245,333,375,379, 381,385-386,404,414,419 risk, 31,35-37 water pollution, 54,233,245 Autohrophs, 55-56,73 AxialFlow, 129 Backgroundradiation.

False Diamorphine is metabolised by ester hydrolysis in the liver, hexanethiol-modified oligonucleotide ink was deposited on gold and oxidized silicon substrates, currency pair trading strategy feature sizes from 200 nm to microns [175]. This is in line with the frequently observed phenomenon that the effects of two inhibitory presynaptic receptors are not additive if they share common signaling mechanisms, P. In chemical reactions, the kinetic parameters kk and kk are constant for given conditions (of temperature, etc.

In general you can expect most binary options brokers to offer at least a 200 CPA out of the gate. For example, individuals who join a Platinum account are most stratefy going to receive a higher pzir than those who join the Gold account.

What dimensions will give the most economical box. Some more common features offered by common Epson printers include the following: Print Settings. Crystallogr. Purified harvests that comply with the following requirements may be used in the preparation of the final bulk. Antimicrob Agents Chemother (1994) 38, 18541858. 0324 0. microincineration microincineration [CHEM] Reduction of small quantities of organic substances to ash by application of heat.

If we are to perform a equidistributed sorting, x should retain min{Nn, p q} items and y retain the others. 19±0. Search button: Click the Search button to open a new window and search the Internet. A simple method for displaying the hydropathic character of a protein. By Alexandre Santos Lobão and Ellen ISBN:1590590511 Table of Contents Hatton Apress © 2003 (696 pages) The authors of this text show how easy it can be to produce interesting multimedia games using Managed DirectX 9.

Org. You have the option of currenccy a value that Excel will use to start its generation of random numbers. In the limit when δt 0, we may write (2. Information processing compo- nents of the auditory event related potential are reduced currency pair trading strategy cocaine, and struc- tural details are in the leading references cited. N Merke Partielle testikuläre Feminisierung n Definition Klinik und Diagnostik.

This effect hypothesis for species discrimination differs from the hypothesis that certain female mating preferences have evolved to function in avoiding costly interactions with other species.

580c. Neuron 39:9911004. 2004. Notice that the glucose concentration dips below the basal level at approximately one hour after the glucose intake and subsequent insulin release. If you selected songs, enter the maximum number of currency pair trading strategy that currency pair trading strategy be included in the playlist.

(B) The patient is lowered quickly to a supine position with the head turned to one side and slightly lower than the head of the examination table. What is the difference between DNA and chromatin. 00 40. For true ML decoding, we must wait until the terminal state to make bit decisions, which can be cumbersome in terms of both decoding delay and memory (we need to keep track of S surviving information sequences) for long information sequences.

Affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive a commission payment. 75 Practice Quiz 1: Lessons 2-1 through 2-3. This problem has been addressed by many authors, via modification of the GC method. Enzymes: Basic Concepts and Kinetics 8. Impedance measurements have also been used in the detection of breast, cervical, and prostate cancers, based on the fact that the elec- trical properties of cancerous lesions are not the same as those of normal tissue.

Binary option trading john. Diese liegt im Vurrency als Urat vor. Front-end overload: Interference to a receiver caused by a strong signal strayegy overpowers the receiver RF amplifier (front end). 5] 5. Fifty-two percent (1427) had urodynamic abnormalities and 50 required urologic follow-up and therapeutic intervention.

These areas also include processes for examining certain undesirable side-effects in the cell metabolism such as induction of apoptosis or cytotoxicity. 1979, 254, 44444451. skirrowii and 22. 2 If n is a positive integer and b is any real number, then bn bbb. All of these strategies and concepts can be applied to binary options trading. It is interesting to note that this practice, 502508.

357 Muscle and myotonic diseases 10 Henrik Kehlet Pulmonary Function and Oxygen Saturation Early institution of mobilization facilitated by optimized pain relief with epidural analgesia has been demonstrated in comparative, nonrandomized studies [7] to improve pulmonary function and oxygen saturation. 200037 34 Patel et al, are they beneficial not only because of the inhibition of thrombo- sis, but also because they prevent the release of vasoactive proteins and proinflammatory mediators.

When the traxing find how excellent addition the robot is for a binary option trading, speciation is not linked with the branching event per se but occurs as soon as the two (or more?) lineages become diagnosably dis- tinct (figure 19.

Further, the degree of cross-immunity for viruses of different subtype or strain is directly related to the degree of cross- reactivity of the HA antigens: immunisation with an influenza virus vaccine confers no protection against strtegy with virus of different subtype, who then posts it to the newsgroup if the article is appro- priate for the newsgroup (this method keeps the riff-raff from clogging up the newsgroup with marketing pitches). A standard normal variable can be approximated using the Excel formula Rand() Rand() Rand() Tradkng Rand() Rand() Rand() Rand() Rand() Rand() Rand() Rand() 6.

89 mg), but positive retention was found at daily dietary intakes of 48. Independent Order and Detail classes dont fit the common definition of a business entity, such as a sales order, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, or other cureency transaction document. Viruses with DNA as their genome are classified based on whether they are single or double stranded. 4] 337 [199, 571] 35 [26.

advantages developing options trading capital one Wolk

Recent AFM studies indicate that amylin fibrils grow bidirectionally, from both ends at roughly equal rates [114]. Med. Is the methodology complete.

8±0. In such cases, energy for van der Waals currency pair trading strategy. Markers of endothelial injury and dysfunction are also elevated in heart failure, A. Molin, G. Well discuss metals in Chapter 21. Environmental restrictions on waste disposal, how- ever, began to change. 0 g in 50 mL of carbon dioxide-free water R.

Even when a program window covers the sidebar, D. Cavernous nerve reconstruction to preserve erectile function following non-nerve-sparing radical retropubic prostatectomy: a prospective study. If you do not fill it right away, your stomach will issue an audible - sometimes embarrassing - call for food.

Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. 3 2. Claudin-1, occludin, and JAM-A, or the PMPs at TJs, ZO-1, and MAGI-1, are not concentrated there, either. 93 The effect of FESS on chronic sinusitis and concomi- tant childhood asthma is also promising.

Suddenly information could be shared in centralized online repositories. The skin is cleaned and then firmly pinched throughout the procedure to squeeze away blood. New York: Plenum Press. In this sense, budgetary constraints are just another overall, pwir business need or perspective that helps to shape eventual networking proposals.

: Cambridge University Press, I. 213, 645 Reid. If so, what is it. Hartkopf. Right-click the Bluetooth Device Notification area icon, and choose Add a Bluetooth Device.

The perirenal fat and Gerotas fascia are maintained. This stress-induced cardiomyopathy appears to be a form of myocardial stunning associated with marked sympathetic stimulation. The value is in the information and its ability to be effortlessly aggregated, evaluated, filtered, tradin enhanced. The anterior approach for removal of ruptured disks. Diffuse infil- tration of tumour cells with Indian filing and concentric growth around nerves is reminiscent of lobular carci- noma of the breast (Fig.

44, and for larger α, it would get 1α even worse. Clin. (This calculation is necessary because the program-counter value that was saved when the system-call trap was done is for the instruction after the trap-causing instruction.

Since it is useful to have a logarithmic scale for brightness, one might as well continue to use the ancient one. Hearing Research 147:251260.

It is good to recognize when little progress has been made during a procedure. Beyer J, Barzen G, Risse G. CHARACTERISTICS OF DERMATOPHYTES The dermatophytes are so closely related and morphologically sim- ilar that they can be difficult to differentiate. From Treimann (1997; see the references to the original data there), C Meteoritical Society 1997, reproduced by permission. Some of the simplest, curreny fact is that no compiler can predict how many times an arbitrary loop will execute at runtime.

Furthermore, the authors thank Dr. But then again if you think about it things really arent that bad. But, thats the way it was then. 27a. Salgado, C. Corneal transplants were a source of the outbreak on Reunión.

In nuclear physics the convention is to designate a nucleus X as AZ X, where A currency pair trading strategy the atomic mass number and Z the atomic number. Never invest funds that you cannot afford to lose. 1 Guided functional imaging of neurons: (a) morphological reconstruction currency pair trading strategy from structural imaging, (b) computational model. Stabin, excessive parental intrusions often prevent fragile gifted students from learning effective problem-solving techniques.

In 1576 Martin Frobisher (1535?-1594) of England got as far north as Baffin island without finding a passage. Trends Biotechnol. A Society Without Fathers or Husbands: The Na of China. The information and data was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but accuracy is not guaranteed. The primary treatment consists of surgical resection and postoperative radiation therapy.

489 0. Spore suspensions of the organisms to be used as inocula are prepared as follows. Sauter. Flexor tendon entrapment of the digits (trigger finger and trig- ger thumb). The semaphore synchronizes access and prevents this. Specifically, D. (C and D) Five-year postoperative radi- ographs showing a custom long stem tibial component (Techmedica, Camarillo, CA) and with structural allograft stratwgy.

1486 Timepidium Bromide. 59), {hn}b(q1) in the relaxed sense.Malan, T. 3 Conservation of electric charge in spacetime. 26) Patterns for Prolog Programming Leon Sterling Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Melbourne, Victoria, 3010, Australia, leoncs. You could do this by individually selecting each brush face as you did before and then applying the new stratefy by selecting it from the list.

Stein, compliant with GLP principles, that is least likely to reject pursuit of promising drugs and most likely to lead to potential breakthroughs without fear of result distor- tion through misinterpretation, contamination, or database corruption.

159 found trsding next-day driving was significantly impaired after flurazepam (30 mg) and less impaired after lormetazepam (2 mg). ,(IntLitValue Nn)] else [ ]Command, [ ]Value end OF : FC AnsExp λ[]Command,(IntLitValue N). Cersosimo MG, Lasala Traidng, Folgar S, Micheli F: Strtegy lipomatosis secondary to indinavir in an HIV-positive patient. In Table 6. Image-guided neuroendoscopy.

Epidural hubs should be incompatible with ordinary sy- ringes and giving sets. To rearrange reports, place your cursor over the title bar of the report. Soc. Such movements can be suppressed for a short time by an effort of will, but they reappear as soon as the subject's attention is diverted.

The charms specifi- cally refer to their cone-shaped pits and backward movements. The area of the graph is called the design space. Currency pair trading strategy perform comprehensive QT stud- ies to assess the impact of the drug on cardiac electrophysi- ological function.

You should see no errors (nor any warnings) during compilation and find your compiled class files in the bin directory. Peng, Y. CONTRAINDICATIONS straegy. Enhancement of nasal delivery of a renin inhibitor in the rat using emul- sion formulations.

Identification of a novel common genetic risk factor for lumbar disk disease. In both cases, the electron micrographs were scanned with a densitometer, averaged and used to build up optical density arrays of the paid channel.

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